Making a Difference: Our Customers and Suppliers

Diploma businesses provide essential business-to-business products and solutions to a wide range of end segments and geographies. All of our facilities have remained open and continue to operate for our customers. We have also been supplying essential products in the battle against Covid-19.

Our actions:

  • Our businesses implemented new procedures to enable them to remain open and operational during the pandemic in order to continue to serve our critical customers.

  • Diploma businesses are actively managing their supply chains to ensure good levels of inventory and supply. 

In addition, we are proud that our businesses have supplied many of our customers with Covid-19 critical products, and examples are given below:


Life Sciences

  • AMT/Vantage and BGS sourced and supplied face shields to front line medical workers.

  • Abacus, Somagen and TPD supplied material for testing and quality control of testing to laboratories doing Covid-19 testing, and reagents for Covid-19 tests.

  • TPD supplied respiratory tubing to Intensive Care Units.

  • a1-CBISS supplied respiratory protective equipment to the UK National Health Service.


  • VSP helped one of their customers to cut face shields for medical personnel and has also supported the Military Sealift Command to expedite repairs on a hospital ship used to treat Covid-19 patients in New York.

  • Hercules OEM supplied multiple components for ventilation and intubation devices and for ultraviolet equipment used to disinfect airborne contaminants.

  • Kubo supplied multiple seals and components to several key medical manufacturers.

  • In addition to helping Clarendon on Project Pitlane, M Seals also supplied seals to a Swedish manufacturer of ventilators.

  • FPE Seals supplied critical parts to fix machinery at a PPE manufacturer for the UK National Health Service.

  • DMR Seals has supplied 3,000 seals to be used in ventilators.


  • Clarendon, with M Seals, supported Project Pitlane, a consortium of F1 teams that worked with University College London to produce life-saving continuous positive airway pressure (CPAP) devices.

  • IS-Rayfast has designed a wire and cable product for ventilators made by their F1 customers.

  • CCA Group has provided heatshrink for Dyson ventilators and sleeving for the Nightingale Project, a new London hospital built in response to Covid-19.