Business MODEL

The Group comprises a number of high quality, specialised businesses which design their individual business models to make them essential to their customers.

The Group’s business model, supplying essential products and solutions to specialised market segments, supports steady organic revenue growth and sustainable attractive margins.

We encourage an entrepreneurial culture through a decentralised organisation structure; these essential values ensure that the businesses are agile and responsive to market changes.

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The Group’s strategy is designed to deliver strong, double-digit growth by building larger, broader‑based businesses in the three Group sectors – Life Sciences, Seals and Controls.

The Group comprises a number of high quality, specialised businesses which, through their focus on essential products, solutions and values, generate stable “GDP plus” levels of organic revenue growth (5–6% p.a.) over the business cycle.

To complement the organic growth strategy, the Group has an ongoing acquisition programme, designed to accelerate growth and to facilitate entry into related strategic markets.

Post acquisition, the Group provides the investment required by the acquired business to build a solid foundation to deliver stable, profitable growth.

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