The a1‑group is a supplier to Environmental testing laboratories and to Health & Safety engineers.

The a1‑envirosciences business is located in Dusseldorf, Germany and also has sales and service resources in the UK, France and Benelux. It supplies a range of specialised environmental analysers and a range of containment enclosures for potent powder handling.

The core competencies of the group are in the areas of containment technologies for personal protection and elemental analysis with related automation.

In the containment business, a1-envirosciences supplies customised containment enclosures for the personal protection of technicians in the research laboratories of European pharmaceutical companies. These products, supplied under the a1-safetech brand and manufactured under contract, combine distinct ergonomic advantages with unique handling and safety features.

The a1-envirosciences business is also a leading supplier of specialised analysers, branded a1-envirotech, which detect and measure specific elements in liquids, solids and gases. The principal focus is on products which respond to the needs of the petrochemical industry to measure sulphur and nitrogen accurately at low levels. In parallel, new products are being introduced to measure contamination by halides in petrochemical and bulk chemistry products.

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a1-envirosciences location: Dusseldorf, Germany

The a1-cbiss business located in Tranmere in the UK, supplies equipment and services for the monitoring and control of environmental emissions, as well as a range of gas detection devices.

The principal applications for the continuous emissions monitoring systems ("CEMS") supplied by a1-cbiss are in energy from waste ("EFW"), Biomass and power installations. Systems are supported by a1-cbiss under comprehensive service contracts which include 24 hour, seven days a week remote diagnostic services. a1-cbiss also supplies gas detection devices for a range of industrial applications.

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a1-cbiss location: Tranmere, UK