The Diploma Healthcare Group (“DHG”) operates in three principal geographies – Canada, Australasia and Europe. In Canada, DHG comprises three principal operating businesses, Somagen, AMT and Vantage. DHG in Australia and New Zealand comprises two principal operating businesses, BGS and abacus dx. In Europe, DHG operates through TPD.

Somagen Diagnostics (“Somagen”) is a leading supplier to the clinical diagnostics market in Canada and joined the Group in July 2004. It operates from a 16,000 sq.ft freehold facility in Edmonton.

Somagen supplies a range of consumables and instruments used in the diagnostic testing of blood, tissue and other samples in hospital laboratories. Consumable products are in the form of chemical reagents and are often packaged as kits to enable the analyst to carry out a complete testing routine. A large proportion of Somagen's revenues are generated from reagent rental contracts with terms ranging from one to five years. An instrument is provided to the customer in return for a commitment to minimum annual purchases of reagents.

Somagen's principal customers are the ca. 600 laboratories within hospitals across Canada. Somagen has exclusive long-term distribution agreements for Canada with a range of suppliers from the US, Japan and Europe.

Somagen is also a leading supplier of products and services to the growing assisted reproductive technology ("ART") market, represented by approximately 30 dedicated clinics across Canada.

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Somagen location: Edmonton, Canada.

AMT Electrosurgery (“AMT”) is a leading distributor of specialty electrosurgery equipment and consumables for use in the operating rooms of hospitals across Canada.

Products include surgical Smoke Evacuation, Minimally Invasive Surgery, Patient Positioning, Hydro Dissection and O.R. Disposables. A large proportion of AMT's revenues come from multi-year customer contracts with hospitals and buying groups. Sales efforts are focused on nurse managers, physicians and surgeons. AMT is also building a portfolio of specialised surgical instruments and devices used in Urology and Gynecology.

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AMT location: Kitchener, near Toronto, Canada

Vantage Endoscopy (“Vantage”), a division of AMT, supplies a range of medical devices and related consumables and services to GI Endoscopy suites in hospitals and private clinics across Canada. Products include endoscopic imaging, therapeutic technologies, devices and other essential accessories and service support.

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Vantage location: Kitchener, near Toronto, Canada

Big Green Surgical is a provider of medical devices to the Australian and New Zealand hospitals and day clinics, with specialised product offering including smoke evacuation, electrosurgery, laparoscopy, patient positioning, bariatric, ICU patient monitoring and cleaning devices. 

Big Green Surgical emerged in the year 2000 as a boutique Australian based company and has since evolved and grown, increasingly focused on selling directly to surgeons, nurse managers and other healthcare professionals. Big Green strives to provide differentiated product solutions with emphasis on patient outcomes, clinical efficiency and surgical preference.

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BGS location: Melbourne, Australia


Abacus dx positively contributes to the healthcare outcomes of millions of Australians and New Zealanders by connecting innovative global suppliers with Australasian customers. As a market-leading independent distributor, Abacus dx distributes products used in diagnostic pathology, medical research, and medical training. Abacus dx has differentiated itself by providing the highest-quality products to meet the specialist need of their customers and offering expert technical service and support at a local level. The partners that Abacus dx represent, are chosen because of their worldwide recognition for quality and manufacturer excellence. Through their partnerships with over 70 local and international suppliers, Abacus dx provides their customers and suppliers with high quality access to the Australasian market.

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Abacus dx location: Brisbane, Australia

TPD is an established supplier of products to the Biotechnology, Clinical Laboratory and Medical markets in Ireland and the UK. Similar to the other DHG businesses, TPD focusses on specialised laboratory diagnostic and specialty medical device segments, again leveraging a number of common suppliers. 

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TPD location: Ballina, County Tipperary, Ireland