The Seals Sector businesses supply a range of seals, gaskets, filters, cylinders, components and kits used in heavy mobile machinery and specialised industrial equipment.

North American Seals (61% of revenue) - Aftermarket: next day delivery of seals, sealing products and cylinder components for the repair of heavy mobile machinery.  Industrial OEM: sealing products, custom-moulded and machined parts supplied to manufacturers of specialised industrial equipment.  MRO: high-quality gaskets and fluid sealing products supplied to end users with critical services in high-cost failure applications.

International Seals (39% of revenue) - Sealing products and filters supplied outside North America to Aftermarket and Industrial OEM customers as well as to Maintenance, Repair and Overhaul (“MRO”) operations.

Year Ended 30 Sept

  2019 2018
Revenue £220.6m £208.0m
Adjusted operating profit £38.1m £36.0m
Adjusted operating margin 17.3% 17.3%
Free cash flow £17.7m £25.9m
ROATCE 19.3% 25.3%


Seals Businesses

North American Seals

International Seals


Breakdown of revenue




Industrial OEM

  • Heavy Construction  29%
  • Other Industrial    15%
  • MRO    8%
  • Dump & Refuse trucks      2%
  • Logging & Agricultures       2%



North America

  • Europe      33%
  • Rest of World      8%



Seals & Seal Kits

  • O-rings    19%
  • Cylinder & Other    19%
  • Gaskets     13%
  • Filters       10%
  • Attachment Kits    6%