The Hercules Fluid Power Group (“HFPG”) supplies to the Aftermarket through the Hercules and HKX businesses and to Industrial OEMs (“Original Equipment Manufacturers”) through the Hercules OEM Group, which consists of RT Dygert, All Seals, J Royal and HPS businesses.

Aftermarket Businesses


Hercules is the core Aftermarket business based in Louisville, Kentucky and provides a next day delivery service throughout the US for seals and seal kits used in the repair of hydraulic cylinders. The products are used in a range of mobile machinery applications, including heavy construction equipment, dump trucks, refuse collection, material handling and manlift equipment.

Hercules also supplies a range of replacement hydraulic cylinders to a similar customer base. The US business also services Central and South American and other selected markets through in‑country sub‑distributors.

Hercules in Canada offers a similar range of products from its branch operations located in the provinces of Ontario and Quebec.

HKX is based near Seattle, Washington and supplies hydraulic kits used in the installation of attachments on excavators. HKX’s colour coded kit systems, with "lego-logic" instructions, substantially reduce the time and engineering expertise required to install attachments.

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Aftermarket locations: US (Louisville, KY; Monroe, WA), Canada (Barrie, ON; Montreal, QC)


Industrial OEM Businesses

The Industrial OEM businesses in North America supply seals, gaskets, O-rings and custom moulded and machined parts to a range of Industrial OEM customers.

The businesses work closely with customers to select the most appropriate seal design, material and manufacturer for the application, provide technical support and guidance during the product development process and deliver the logistics capabilities to supply from inventory to support small to medium sized production runs.

J Royal has facilities in North Carolina and Alabama, supplying seals, O‑rings and custom moulded and machined parts to a range of Industrial OEM customers, cylinder manufacturers and sub‑distributors. J Royal has a strong established presence in the Eastern states.

RT Dygert supplies Seals, O-rings and custom moulded and machined parts to a range of Industrial OEM customers, cylinder manufacturers and sub distributors. RT Dygert has a strong established position in the Mid-Western and Northern states in the US.

All Seals is a long established supplier of O-rings and custom manufactured parts to Industrial OEM customers across a range of specialised applications in aerospace, medical, filtration and general manufacturing industries. All Seals has a strong position in the important California market and the adjacent South Western states. In April 2017, All Seals acquired PSP, a small bolt-on acquisition based in Denver, Colorado which supplies O-rings and custom moulded products to the semiconductor and industrial manufacturing industries. 

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Hercules OEM Group locations: US (Winston-Salem, NC; Tallassee, AL; Minneapolis, MN; Chicago, IL; Seattle, WA; Lake Forest, CA; Denver, CO), China (Shanghai)

MRO Businesses 

VSP Technologies supplies high quality gaskets and fluid sealing products to end users with critical services in high cost of failure applications. The business works directly with customer engineering and maintenance operations to improve sealing performance providing flanged connection expertise, product recommendations and installation training to best practices. Market focus is Transportation (Rail and ISO Tanks), Chemical Processing, Power (Generating and LNG facilities), Marine (US Navy and Coast Guard), Food & Beverage, Pulp & Paper and Pharmaceuticals. Products are delivered or shipped from six strategic locations from Virginia to Texas. Customer product availability requirements range from hours to days.

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MRO locations: Richmond, VA, Houston, TX, Parkersburg, WV, Kingsport, TN, Baton Rouge & Lake Charles, LA, US