The Hercules Fluid Power Group (“HFPG”) supplies to the Aftermarket through the Hercules and HKX businesses and to Industrial OEM’s (“Original Equipment Manufacturers”) through the RT Dygert, All Seals and J Royal businesses.

Aftermarket Businesses

Hercules is the core Aftermarket business based in Clearwater, Florida and provides a next day delivery service throughout the US for seals and seal kits used in the repair of hydraulic cylinders. The products are used in a range of heavy mobile machinery applications, including heavy construction equipment, dump trucks and refuse collection, lift trucks and fork lifts. Hercules also supplies a range of replacement tie-rod cylinders to a similar customer base. The US business also services Central and South American and other selected markets through in‑country sub‑distributors.

Hercules in Canada offers a similar range of products from its branch operations located in the provinces of Ontario and Quebec.

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Hercules locations: US (Clearwater, FL), Canada (Barrie, ON; Dorval, QC)

HKX is based near Seattle, Washington State and supplies hydraulic kits used in the installation of attachments on excavators. HKX’s colour coded kit systems, with "lego-logic" instructions, substantially reduce the time and engineering expertise required to install attachments.

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HKX location: US (Monroe, WA)

Industrial OEM Businesses

RT Dygert supplies Seals, O-rings and custom moulded and machined parts to a range of Industrial OEM customers, cylinder manufacturers and sub distributors. RT Dygert has a strong established position in the Mid-Western and Northern states in the US.

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RT Dygert locations: US (Minneapolis, MN; Chicago, IL; Seattle, WA)

All Seals is a long established supplier of O-rings and custom manufactured parts to Industrial OEM customers across a range of specialised applications in aerospace, medical, filtration and general manufacturing industries. All Seals has a strong position in the important Californian market and the adjacent South Western states. In April 2017, All Seals acquired PSP, a small bolt-on acquisition based in Denver, Colorado which supplies O-rings and customer moulded products. 

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All Seals locations: US (Lake Forest, CA; Denver, CO; Houston, TX)

J Royal has facilities in North Carolina and Alabama, supplying seals, O‑rings and custom moulded and machined parts to a range of Industrial OEM customers, cylinder manufacturers and sub‑distributors. J Royal has a strong established presence in the Eastern states.

HFPG owns 10% of J Royal Precision Products Inc. (“JRPP”), a related supplier to J Royal located near Shanghai in China.

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J Royal and JRPP locations: US (Winston-Salem, NC; Tallassee, AL), China (Shanghai)