The Life Sciences Sector delivers a range of value-add products and services in three, key areas:

  • MedTech: technology-enabled products used in surgical procedures in operating theatres and endoscopy

  • Diagnostics: testing equipment and services for clinical laboratories

  • Scientific: bio-pharma, food safety and testing, and other research-oriented products. 

The Life Sciences Sector customers are typically hospitals, clinical laboratories, and research facilities. The Sector operates a 'capital and consumables' model - advising on, selling and installing capital equipment with an exclusive and ongoing consumables revenue stream. 

Their value-add proposition is deeply technical, offering scientific focus, clinical expertise and consultative support.

FY23 Revenue

£ 212.9 m

2022: £188.6m

International Operations in

7 countries

Across Europe, Canada and Australia


450 +

Executing our strategy across the Life Sciences Sector

Our Life Sciences businesses



Our Canadian businesses supply innovative and leading diagnostic technologies, surgical and endoscopic solutions to Canadian healthcare providers. They offer technical expertise, service and support to find the right solution for their customers. 

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Our Australian businesses distribute surgical instrumentation, diagnostic pathology, medical research and innovative laboratory equipment solutions to a range of laboratories, hospitals, and university research departments across Australia and New Zealand. 

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Our European businesses distribute, service and install a wide range of laboratory equipment and consumables, surgical products, medical technology and devices, life sciences solutions, and medical nutrition to customers in hospitals, community care, laboratories, and primary care. 

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