To celebrate National Apprenticeship Week, this year we hosted a few of our UK Apprentices at our Controls business, Clarendon Specialty Fasteners.

Amaya Beale, who is currently doing a Degree Apprenticeship in Marketing and works as Marketing Assistant at Pennine Pneumatic Services at PPS, part of the R&G Group, gives her account of the day:

The Diploma apprenticeship day was packed full of fun, insightful and engaging activities. The Diploma and Clarendon team were really welcoming and great hosts for the day. I really enjoyed being able to meet and chat with other apprentices across the Diploma group, to hear about their roles and connect over similar experiences.

After our impressive tour of the site, we were tasked with a treasure hunt, a great ice breaker and a brilliant way to chat and get to know more people in Clarendon. We then had a brilliant chat on motivation in the workplace, discussing what motivates each of us as ‘Gen Z’, and finding purpose and satisfaction in our roles.

One of the highlights was having the opportunity to talk with Johnny Thomson, CEO of Diploma. His energy, passion and enthusiasm for Diploma and apprenticeships was amazing, and left us all feeling inspired and excited!

The presentation skills workshop was a great way to finish the day. We got lots of tips and advice on how to have more confidence when presenting, and how to put together an engaging, informative and powerful presentation. We all got the experience to put this advice straight into practice by presenting to each other, and then hear some feedback from our peers.

Overall, it was a brilliant experience, and I came away feeling motivated and inspired. It’s clear that there’s a lot of exciting opportunities ahead with Diploma and apprenticeships, and I look forward to being part of it.